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Do you love the call of the outdoors or the thrill of outdoor entertaining? Maybe you stand in your garden and just wish that you take advantage of the space that you have. All of this is now possible, and only takes a few minutes of your time to contact the experts at Lake Havasu Lawn Service who can advise on how you can make your area safe and maximize the benefits you can get in return.
Professional Lawn Mowing Services In Lake Havasu City

Routine Maintenance
If you a need for any garden maintenance requirements in your area, we provide many services from lawn care, lawn mowing, to lawn maintenance and lawn aeration, this can make your lawn a safe and inviting area for friends, family, and children to congregate.When looking at all the areas which you may have, they all have different needs, lawns require different attention to flowerbeds, and these require different attention to bushes and trees, and to keep on top of these requires routine yard maintenance that can make your free time vanish before you know it.​​

The professional services which we provide are conducted by experts in all aspects of these areas and they can complete these tasks to a high standard and in a fraction of the time. Now you will find, your lawn no longer has dry spots or your flower beds are full of dead leaves, all of this can be taken care of, as can so much more.

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Softscape Services Needed

Regular MaintenanceTree Removal/PlantingXeriscape (Desert Landscaping)One-Time Clean UpSod InstallationSprinkler Installation/RepairOutdoor LightingArtificial Grass Installation Hardscape Services NeededPatioWalkwayDrivewayRetaining WallWater Feature InstallationFire Feature InstallationBoulder Placement

Other Details

“Came out way better than I could have imagined.  Completely work the investment!”

– Nichole Garica

Some of our Landscaping Services

We try our hardest to be the only place our clients need to go for all of their lawn needs:
  • Routine Lawn Care
  • Landscape Design
  • Irrigation Installation/Repair
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Tree Trimming
  • Fire Feature Installation
  • Masonry (Patios, Driveways, Sidewalks)
  • Water Feature Installation
  • Xeriscape
  • Tree Stump Grinding/Removal
“The lawn has never looked better! Now my family can be out there enjoying it instead of working on it.”

– Jarad Willum

More than cutting grassLake Havasu Stone Work Masonry

You may be considering a major garden project, and it could be a case that you just simply have unsightly tree stumps or full trees which are in a dangerous location and pose a threat to your property and your family.

As a company, we pride ourselves on the vast amount of experience and knowledge we have gained in making your garden a safe and inviting area.

​As you are in the process of adding all these features, you may be wondering how you can take full advantage of these areas, and the answer is quite simple, our professionals can design outdoor living spaces that will provide the best of both worlds, you can have a patio or deck constructed which adjoins your property and can extend your living area outside, this can be an entertainment hub for the family who are sat around an exterior fireplace, or you can extend it by the kitchen and combine an outside dining area where you can entertain guests without worries of space.

You can also extend these living areas further into your garden and have a covered area constructed that gives you all the comforts of your home, yet is fully incorporated into your landscape design. These can even be constructed by a pool to provide shelter and protection and a cozy place with which to dry off, and by including a grill, there is no better way of entertaining than swimming with a nice juicy burger to follow.

Make It Rain – IrrigationIrrigation Repair In Havasu

If you are concerned about water build-up around your home, we have the expertise to correct these problems for you, it may be a case there is already an irrigation system in place and is not functioning as it should, or you have no system in place and this water buildup is causing areas of standing water and soil erosion.  If not treated, this soil erosion can either ruin your garden area or if close to your property, it can weaken your foundations and create a bigger situation than was first thought.

Our experts can diagnose not only where this water buildup is coming from, but they have the skills to design and install any of the drainage systems available, which can protect you and your family from this water.

It is at times like these, many people decide to fix irrigation problems and at the same time have a revamp of their area by landscaping. This can be a wise move, as our experts can incorporate something like an earth retaining wall to prevent soil erosion, and can at the same time construct it is such a way as to be the basis of your ideas. If you happen to live on an incline, it is possible for these walls to be constructed which will create terraces which can increase your overall garden area as well as protect your home from soil erosion or worse mudslides.


Lawn Service

Lawn Service

Lawn Service


Lawn Service


Water FeaturesPond Installation Lake Havasu City

Once you have decided to go this way, you may decide to continue landscaping and introduce a water feature, many of these can transform areas which seem harsh and barren into a peaceful and tranquil area, you can have simple water features such as a water fountain or something more dramatic like a stream or a pond less waterfall, all of which can be run from rain water which is harvested and may only require minimum topping up from a tap during the longer dry periods.

​​Our professionals have removed many unsightly or dangerous trees from areas where there is a risk, especially if they have branches which are located close to power lines which feed your home. The skills they have amassed allows them to safely remove the branches before cutting the tree down in a safe and effective manner that will not totally disrupt or make a mess in your garden.

As with tree stumps, these, even if dead will not vanish by themselves, and to do this requires digging a big hole and cutting the truck from its roots. We can provide a much quicker and simpler method, our professional tree workers have access to stump grinding machinery, that, although dangerous to operate can remove these stumps from eye contact. Once the job has been completed, the area is again, easier to work with and much safer for running children.

Landscape LightingLandscape Lighting in Lake Havasu

Once you have your exterior living spaces built, you need to show them off to friends and family during the evenings in Lake Havasu, and for this, your landscape design could not be shown off better than by some dramatic lighting, and here you can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like. You have the choice of many designs which are fully automated in operation for energy efficient light bulbs, or for a real touch of drama our experts can install real flame torches.

This lighting has a secondary benefit to showing off your key feature points, it also adds security to your property, no longer does your home need to be cast into darkness, it can be lit in such a way the fine details are shown off and it can provide a good deterrent to people who should not be there.

Our professional lighting experts are happy to advise on lighting types and strategic positioning which will give the best safety and security to your family and property.

Our Complete Packagelandscaping design lake havasu city

At the end of the day, our goal is to serve you and provide the services which you require, we all dream of a magnificent garden, or outdoor living space, and we are here to help you to achieve this.

You have the choice to be simple in design and something which requires hardly any maintenance, like Xeriscape, or you can opt for a lush and vibrant display of plants which will fill your garden with colors and perfumes all year round.​

What seemed a dream before can now become a reality and the only limit you have on your designs is your ideas and your budget, everything else we can do for you. You have no worries of which materials are required, or what plants will last a drought, our experts can not only advise on this but when you require routine lawn care in Lake Havasu, our crews are able to include this to make sure your plants are at their healthiest

drone shot of landscaping lake havasuWe provides these services for you, and for the goodness of the plants and lawn maintenance which is required to keep things looking the best. All of our crews don’t see this as just a job, all of what you include in your landscape design are living things, they need constant care and attention and if this is not done, or not done correctly, it can show immediately.


Lake Havasu Lawn Service has extended its services from routine lawn care and lawn maintenance to a full range of services which can transform your garden, increase your home’s curb appeal and greatly increase the value of your home, all of which we aim to do which allows you enjoy your dream to the best and without any worries that it is not being cared for in a respectful manner with which all living things should be.

​To find more information on any of our extensive services which are available in or around Lake Havasu City, check our supporting pages, or contact our experts who are more than happy to advise you more.