Firepits and Fireplaces - Lake Havasu

There are many options fire options you can choose to incorporate into your landscaping ideas in Lake Havasu City, these can be from a full fireplace to a simple fire pit, all of which can be constructed in different ways. One suitable material which is both durable and fire retardant is natural stone, which also has the added benefit of blending nicely into your surroundings.

It may be the cold winter nights are drawing in, or you just need to dry off after a dip in your pool, you will find there is nothing which can entice, excite and be as comforting as an outdoor fire feature, or fire pit. When adding these to your outside living areas, you can totally expand your whole living area, and blend your indoor areas with the outdoors.

fire pit built lake havasu

If you have a smaller or limited space for a full-size external fireplace, a natural stone fire pit can be a viable alternative, yet still giving your outdoor living space a central focal point of which to gather around. With these, you can incorporate seating areas or just have them strategically placed to gain the most attention.

Unique Fire Features

If you wish to add a unique fire feature to your landscape design, there are a few more designs which are available for you, these can include:

Fire Tables
This can add a completely new perspective on using flames as a focal point, these are actually large bowls which can be seated at the center of a table and can be filled with many different materials for added effect.

The bowls themselves can be made from concrete & fiberglass mix to provide strength while being lighter and can also come in many various different colors.


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Other Details

The second most requested material for these bowls is copper, all of these are handmade and finished to a high quality. This natural look is achieved in manufacture by heat-setting the material to a patina finish which will change over time with regular maintenance and use.
Fire Bowls
These can add feeling of drama and mystery when added to water features and fountains, and are highly durable and can be made from the same materials as the fire tables with the inclusion of metallic or quartz stone, all of which are totally unique and made to a high standard with ease of use and safety being the top priorities.

Fire Torchesfireplace landscaping lake havasu
These can add another dimension to your landscape and are much more dramatic than conventional electric lighting. We have various designs to choose from and are installed with an automated operation, and run off either natural gas or propane.




No matter which fire feature you choose, they will be installed by professionals and are highly durable and safe in operation.

​Once you have seen areas lit by natural flame, the results can be quite astonishing and can increase the desirability of venturing outside rather than staying indoors. Night time in Lake Havasu City has never been so cozy, watching the stars and toasting marshmallows on your fire feature.

“Completely transformed the way our landscaping looks at night. Really amazing!”

– Mishca Renduran