Irrigation Repair Lake Havasu

There can be a few reasons why your property has irrigation problems, the location of your property to something as simple as water running from your neighbor’s garden into yours. No matter what the reason, it is crucial you have the correct drainage repair carried out

Irrigation Problems
The sole purpose of any drainage system is to remove this unwanted water from your property before it can cause any further damage. If left untreated you may find you have soil erosion and if this happens to your property, it can actually destabilize the foundations of your home. Symptoms to look for which can highlight you have a water problem are:

  • Areas of Standing water on property
  • Areas of saturated soil
  • Downspouts discharging water at foundation
  • Water which enters your house or building (can cause mold problems)

Irrigation Repair In Havasu

Drainage Solutions
Luckily if you have a drainage problem and require irrigation repair in or around Lake Havasu, we have professionals who can advise on the best solution for you to have this problem remedied.

Firstly, you have the option of a directional drainage system to be fitted, and this is probably a better option if you have an area where the drainage system needs to be hidden.

The second option can be much simpler and can be much cheaper to install. This is called a “French drain” this is basically a trench which is filled with gravel which can hold a perforated pipe, which can allow the drain too quickly vent water which seeps from the upper rock or gravel.


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Other Details

Their design was intended to prevent standing water or surface water from entering or causing damage to a building, and in most instances, you will find these around the perimeter of a home where there is a known water problem.

Post Installation
What sets us apart as a company is a detail which we pay to, not only fit your drainage system but to enhance the area where this drainage has been fitted. In some instances, this is required as pipes may have to be buried under an area of grass, this can not only make a lot of mess during digging, but it can look unsightly for a period of time after.

Sprinklers and Pre-Installed drainageLake Havasu Yard Maintenance
If you have any requirements for either a sprinkler system to be fitted, or you have problems with a current sprinkler system or an existing drainage system that is not performing as it should.

​We have experts who can either install new systems or check your current system to locate any problems before you find you have a much more serious irrigation problem than you thought. Simple broken sprinkler valves or blockages in the system can quite easily allow water to build up in areas where you least expect, or notice it.

We can either do this as a standalone repair, or we can include it in our Lake Havasu City yard maintenance or lawn care services. No matter what your requirements concerning your irrigation needs, we can provide you with a solution that will leave your area in a stable and safe condition.

“Quick and painless. They came in, replaced the broken pipe, and made sure the system worked before they left.”

– Sam Thorin