Landscape Lighting - Lake Havasu

There are a few main reasons why you seek landscape lighting, these include highlighting your landscape features, adding security to your property and safety being the main ones.

​Highlighting Features
By using exterior lights, you can totally transform your landscape at night time and also change the appearance of your home or building into something quite dramatic. you can cast a moonlight glow over your pool area, or highlight your patio area for outdoor entertaining, the possibilities are quite endless.

Landscape Lighting in Lake Havasu

​Tree Lighting
Why limit your lighting to man-made structures or the ground, trees can take on a different perspective at night in Lake Havasu City. You can opt for up lights which are based at the foot of the tree and cast eerie glows to the branches, or you can opt for downlights which shine down onto your area cast a moonlight glow on each and every night, all year round.

Pathway Lighting
When it is dark it is nearly impossible to see pathways, driveways, and walkways. To increase appeal and safety all of these can be highlighted by subtle lighting effects which will guide you on your way. Taking a casual stroll at night has never been so easy and safe.

Outdoor Living Areas
Entertaining outside can be most enjoyable and releases you from the confines of your home. By having a well-lit yard or patio can add differing layers of texture, contrast and most of all interest. The effective use of downlight can mimic the natural glow of the moon and can enhance any other areas which you have lit


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Softscape Services Needed

Regular MaintenanceTree Removal/PlantingXeriscape (Desert Landscaping)One-Time Clean UpSod InstallationSprinkler Installation/RepairOutdoor LightingArtificial Grass Installation Hardscape Services NeededPatioWalkwayDrivewayRetaining WallWater Feature InstallationFire Feature InstallationBoulder Placement

Other Details

Storm Problems
Trees that are caught up in a storm are more likely to cause accidents and damage to power lines and property if they have not been maintained and properly trimmed. The experts at Lake Havasu Lawn Service understand this, so we can advise on what action needs to be taken to avoid this. Branches which have not been trimmed can quite easily damage a home quite substantially during a storm if not tended to in a professional manner.

Our Tree trimming services go far beyond just tree trimming, our professionals can undertake complete tree removal or stump grinding, both of which can solve a multitude of problems.

Security LightingLandscape Lighting Lake Havasu
One way to help secure your home is by the use of lighting, no longer will your property be covered in darkness, we have professionals in Lake Havasu who can advise on the most strategic placement of lighting that can help protect your loved ones and your property. Depending on the areas which require lighting, these can come in many forms such as:

  • Wall lights – add safety and ambiance by defining the edges of the building.
  • House Lights – can be installed around windows and doorways and act as a deterrent
  • Flood Lights – Light the whole area
  • Motion Lighting – normally used to pick up any motion within certain areas

Custom Lighting & Installation
You may have special requirements, either lighting that is turned on automatically or you require lighting which performs a specific function. Our professionals can install, timers, dimmers and motion detectors to name but a few. Your lighting project can be a thing of beauty which can in no doubt, boost the curbside appeal of your property.

Our lighting experts would visit your home and survey the whole area which you wish to include, this would contain both your property, pool and your yard areas. From this initial survey, it would only take our lighting experts a few days to finalize their custom plan and recommendations, this would give you the flexibility in your decision and will also match your price point.

You can both enhance your home and yard and also be safe in the knowledge, you have no need to be left in the dark again.

“Completely transformed the way our landscaping looks at night. Really amazing!”

– Mishca Renduran