Landscaping Design - Lake Havasu

We are committed to helping you achieve the dream and vision you have, no matter how large your landscape design requirements in Lake Havasu. This can be more difficult to achieve as there are many things to consider when you wish to come up with a unique design, these can be as follows:

  • Drainage Issues
  • Slopes and inclines
  • House and Building Colors

Once we have completed our landscape design, we will have included and thought of water supply, actual landscape maintenance and all of your natural surroundings.

Landscape Design Lake Havasu

Form and Function
Our creative design team can piece together the pieces and create a complete landscape which will totally transform your outdoor living spaces into areas which are inviting, picturesque and above all functional. No matter what type of landscaping project you are considering in Lake Havasu City, we will make your dream come true.

Design Plan Process
After we have your initial idea, our professionals will work with you and create a professional and personal plan base on your ideas, this will include:

  • Landscape design
  • Pond, pool or water features
  • Exterior Lighting requirements
  • Fire features
  • Stone masonry and patio design


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Softscape Services Needed

Regular MaintenanceTree Removal/PlantingXeriscape (Desert Landscaping)One-Time Clean UpSod InstallationSprinkler Installation/RepairOutdoor LightingArtificial Grass Installation Hardscape Services NeededPatioWalkwayDrivewayRetaining WallWater Feature InstallationFire Feature InstallationBoulder Placement

Other Details

Once you have approved our ideas, we then commence work and do the rest. We personally assure our crews will follow best practices when installing softscapes and hardscape features, all of which will be implemented by using the best materials which fit inside your budget.

Blank Canvaslandscaping design lake havasu city
Once you have communicated with our professionals, you will come to realize, you actually have a blank canvas for your ideas, and many of which you may not have thought about. Our professionals will not just take your ideas and expand on them, they will have plenty of ideas which can enhance your areas. From exterior lighting, which can highlight certain areas of interest, to major water features that can transform the whole outlook of your area.

You may have only considered using natural stone as your medium of choice, but you also have the possibility of a turf lawn which can be more suitable in areas that are partially shaded, especially if there are children who like to play, all of which can make a huge difference, if you like to entertain family and friends.

Outdoor Cooking
Our experts can also present you with many ideas for a more than normal patio area in your landscape design, you can now bring the interior of your home to the outside, from a simple firepit, or to a larger covered area where you can huddle around a fire cooking marshmallows and watching the stars on a colder evening.

You can also extend the kitchen to the outdoors and try your hand at some alfresco cooking and incorporate an outdoor grilling area or an exterior stove.

No longer are you limited by your current area, you can change this to whatever you desire, we can help bring your landscape design to life. Landscaping in Lake Havasu has never been such fun and so exciting.

“Wow…these guys are pros! Had the whole tree down in 4 hours.”

– Samantha Richards