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Masonry can be a big part of your landscaping features, especially if a natural stone is one of your materials of choice. This in itself has many types and colors available and can be sourced locally. There is no limit to what you can have built using natural stone, most of which will last for many decades and can greatly increase the value of your home.

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Earth Retaining Walls
These can be built by masons using dry stack stone, this gives your walls a natural look as the appearance of any fixing materials is omitted. If your property is based on a slope or incline, they can enable you to increase your yard area by creating terraces within the slope. These terraces not only add features, but the wall prevents any soil erosion which could lead to landslides towards your property.

Aesthetic Retaining Wall Stones
These can add different layers of depth to your landscaping, they can be built to perform the same functions as earth retaining walls, but are generally smaller. You can add raised flowerbeds where the top of the wall doubles as extended seating areas, these can also be incorporated around your fire features.

There are many added benefits of using natural stone in your landscaping, especially is used to build structures, all of which would require professional masonry to be conducted as this natural stone can be of irregular shapes and requires the skills of the professionals to piece these together.

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The many benefits associated with masonry and constructing from natural stone in Lake Havasu City are as follows:

  • Highly Durable – natural stone can outlast many man-made materials such as concrete, brick, and plastics, they also add another element of safety, as stone structures can fend off a much harder force than wood or brick is able to achieve.
  • Fire retardant – when you have a structure built using old masonry techniques and natural stone, it is virtually fireproof apart from any wooden roof structure which has been used. Your structure may become damaged in the event of a fire, but it will remain standing.
  • Mold resistant – natural stone is also mold resistant due to the stone not soaking up moisture like many other materials do, this can vastly increase health within structures as mold normally starts to grow where you cannot see it.
  • Pest Free – insects like termites or ants have no interest in stone, as this can be no source of food for them.
  • Maintenance – natural stone used in your landscape structures is very low maintenance, simple brushing with water is enough to restore the stone to its natural beauty. This is something you could quite easily incorporate into any of our yard maintenance, landscape maintenance or lawn care services.

Masonry can also greatly increase curbside appeal of your property and when combined with any of our lighting services can make your home or yard a thing of natural beauty, and one which all your friends and family will love to talk about.

Give us a call and we’ll help you make sure your masonry looks amazing!

“These guys had such awesome ideas and totally helped us with our vision. The house looks amazing!”

– Nichole Roberts