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Our tree trimming services in Lake Havasu City are conducted for a few different reasons, yet these can be a necessity rather than for aesthetic reasons. Not only can they improve the curbside appeal of your property, but tree trimming can be important for the following.

Many homeowners have considered tree trimming on their own, and can be highly dangerous if professionals are not used, branches can quite easily fall in a direction you are not expecting or a rope can become entangled. Weather conditions can also have a major impact on tree trimming, and if a person is unaware of this, they can receive personal injury as well as property damage.

Tree Service Lake Havasu

​Tree Health
Trees that are allowed to grow without pruning can look unkempt and unhealthy, by trimming only what needs to be pruned, we can preserve the beauty of your tree’s while maintaining an element of safety around your home.

One of the major impacts trees can have on a person’s property is trees, and these should be trimmed with the safety element in mind. Trees which have become overgrown or their branches grow close to power lines can pose serious threats to both property and people if not corrected.

Many children love to climb, and if a power line is close to or hidden by the tree, it is quite easy for a child to come into contact with the power cable and cause a serious accident, likewise power lines which are close to a tree can make it difficult for restoration teams or power crews to access cable when there is a problem with power connection to your home.


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Storm Problems
Trees that are caught up in a storm are more likely to cause accidents and damage to power lines and property if they have not been maintained and properly trimmed. The experts at Lake Havasu Lawn Service understand this, so we can advise on what action needs to be taken to avoid this. Branches which have not been trimmed can quite easily damage a home quite substantially during a storm if not tended to in a professional manner.

Our Tree trimming services go far beyond just tree trimming, our professionals can undertake complete tree removal or stump grinding, both of which can solve a multitude of problems.

Tree Removaltree care lake havasu
There can be a few reasons why you need a tree removed, you may have decided to install decking or patio areas and the tree is in the wrong location, it could be the tree is a potential risk to your current property and it is safer to have it removed.​In many instances, the tree has died and it adds nothing beneficial to your property, apart from being an eye-sore. Trying to remove a tree without assistance from professionals is both hard work and highly dangerous, it is much safer and wiser to contact our professionals at Lake Havasu Lawn Service.


Stump Grinding
Removing tree stumps can cause a high amount of mess in your area, the roots spread far and deep underground. These unsightly stumps can cause both a risk to children when playing and can also attract many unwanted insects.

To remove these stumps is as difficult as removing the whole tree and not a task anyone can easily complete. Our professionals can perform stump grinding which can remove the stump to a level where it is no longer seen and can cause a problem.

“Wow…these guys are pros! Had the whole tree down in 4 hours.”

– Samantha Richards