Water Fountains and Ponds - Lake Havasu

You may live in Lake Havasu City, yet it is still possible to live in an area which is tranquil and peaceful, a garden paradise where you and your family can relax and unwind. With a simple addition of a water feature our professionals at Lake Havasu Lawn Service, can make this become a reality.

Depending on the size of your area, there are many options which we can provide you with to totally transform your area, so no matter if you are looking for an ornate fountain, or you wish for a pond less waterfall, they are all possible.

Pond Installation Lake Havasu City

Fountains, Spitters and Bubbling Urns
These are probably one of the most common forms of water feature, yet they do not have to look common or basic, there are many designs which are highly ornate or incorporate modern designs which can transform a simple fountain into a work of art.

With Spitters and Bubbling Urns, you have the water feature, which sits amidst a reservoir which sits underground, the water is then constantly recirculated, we can also provide these components oversized which can allow you to incorporate basalt columns which you can use to create a totally unique water feature.

Pondless Waterfalls
You can now have a waterfall in your garden which will fill the area with the sound of flowing water, this you can do without a pond and the maintenance which comes with it.

Many costs associated with a pond less waterfall is cheaper than a waterfall with a pond, the installation being one of many. Now you are free to build a water feature of this design in any area where you choose, and once installed, the most maintenance that is generally required is to fill the reservoir with water every few weeks to compensate for evaporation.


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Ponds and Streams
It is true that nothing attracts people more than any other landscaping feature you could include, by having a pond, stream or balanced water garden in your backyard you can impress friends and neighbors alike.

It can also attract wildlife which would not normally visit your garden which can also add another element to your garden.

Rainwater Harvestinglandscaping waterfall lake havasu city
Although not truly a water feature, our experts can install a rainwater harvesting system, this can be used to provide water for your water features and can also benefit any plants you have as there are no chemicals included in this water so it is loaded with nutrients which your plants will appreciate.

​A secondary benefit of harvesting rainwater and using it throughout your outdoor areas is, water bills can be reduced.

No matter which waters feature you choose, you can totally enhance your garden area, and by the inclusion of a water harvesting system, you can be safe in the knowledge you are not wasting water and are helping the environment.

Our professionals in Lake Havasu will advise which options can be the most cost effective and can provide many solutions which from which you can choose which will easily fit into your budget.

“Completely transformed the way our landscaping looks at night. Really amazing!”

– Mishca Renduran